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My name is Oscar Sancho Nin, but I am known as Oscar Nin. I was born into a humble family in Spain. Ever since I was a child, I had a passion for drawing that eventually turned into a love for painting. In the 2010s, I began promoting my work, and it was met with great success. Saatchi Art, formerly known as Saatchi Online, sold a large number of my artworks starting in 2013. In 2014, I sold over 80 original artworks through galleries and independently.

Over the years, my painting style has evolved, but I remain fundamentally the same artist. I enjoy experimenting with two distinct aspects in my work: colorful and dark pieces. However, I also find pleasure in merging both elements within a single composition, creating intriguing and thought-provoking contrasts. This duality reflects my fascination with the interplay of light and shadow, and how they can convey deep emotions and meanings.

One of my greatest interests as an artist lies in human psychology. I am captivated by exploring the complexities of the human mind and spirit through my paintings. I immerse myself in the depths of the human experience, seeking to authentically and sensitively depict it. Often, this involves reinterpreting classics with an introspective approach, adding layers of light and shadow that accentuate the emotional nuances of the artwork.

Painting is my greatest motivation as long as it presents challenges. I lose myself in my work with a playful childlike spirit, constantly seeking new forms of expression and pushing my creative boundaries. My goal is to evoke a sense of life and mystery in each brushstroke, creating an emotional connection with the viewer.


BONAIRE 4. Interior Design Studio.
Palma de Mallorca.
- Permanent exhibition -

SAATCHI ART. Featured artist since

2022. The Other Avatars. Saatchi Art's NFT Project
2018. Saatchi Art Catalogue.
2017. Potato Mike Interview.
2016. Saatchi Art Catalogue.
2015. Ghosttt Magazine´s Interview.
2013. ONE TO WATCH. Saatchi magazine article.
2012. 12xTwelve. Special section in Saatchi Online for Christmas Gift. Curated by Rebecca Wilson
2012. From the Studio of.. Oscar Sancho Nin. Saatchi Magazine Interview.
2011. IB3 TV Interview.

2017. Group Show. Mutuo, Barcelona.
2017. Confabulations of the Millenia. Institute for Contemporary Art. Portland, Me, USA.
2015. Group Show. Moen Mason Gallery, AZ, USA.
2014. Group Show. Jeffrey Meier Gallery, NJ, USA.
2013. Affordable Art Fair Milano, with L'Art Industriel.
2013. Affordable Art Fair Brussels, Belgium with L'Art Industriel.
2012. Affordable Art Fair Rome, with L'Art Industriel.
2012. Art Verona with L'Art Industriel, Italy.
2012. Collective Opening Exhibition in Bus Station Space. Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
2012. Affordable Art Fair Milano with L´Art Industriel, Italy.
2011. "LIBIDO" Group Show in Eat Meat. Barcelona, Spain.
2011. Body Snatchers. Collective exhibition In the Cave of Cultures. Barcelona, Spain.
2011. Solo Exhibition. Galeria Artara, Spain.
2010. Abnormal Festival Collective itinerant exhibition in Abnormals Gallery. Berlin (Germany) and Ponzan (Poland).
2010. 3+3 Christmas Collective exhibition in Artara Gallery. Mahon, Spain
2010. Halloween collective exhibition In the Eat Meat Raw Gallery. Barcelona, Spain
2009. Gift art. Collective Exhibition in _ARTS Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.
2009. Solo Exhibition. Galeria Artara, Spain.
2008. Christmas-Art. Artara Gallery. Mahon, Spain.

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